Unveil your Cinderella

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Session fee 300.  Includes a 2 hour professional styling of hair and make up for you and the person you would most like to be photographed with, a wardrobe consultation, and 2 hours of time before Jennifer's lens.  Clients should expect styling to begin at 9:30 and be wrapping up their Cinderella day about 2:30.

Who are Unveil your Cinderella clients?

The women who are missing in the story of their life's photographs.  They are every day women who hide from the lens.  They come saying, 'I have no idea how to pose,' 'I don't photograph well,' 'I always blink,' 'I hate how I look in all my pictures.'

Jennifer is quick to put these fears at ease while gently coaching each client into the best poses & lighting suited for them.  The time is filled with laughter and encouragement.  Jennifer's goal is for each woman to see her own beautiful and feel pampered. 

When Jennifer's clients leave their Cinderella experience you’ll find them next to you on the soccer fields, across from you at the conference table.  They brides who long for beautiful stress-free portraits in their wedding gown... women who have lost a lot of weight and want to celebrate...moms who long to leave behind the ponytail and yoga pants to connect with a side of themselves pushed aside for to long.  The women are as different as the day is long.  Often they gift these portraits for special occasions to their husbands.

Why Jennifer adores these sessions

Being an eyewitness to the moment the veil drops is why Jennifer has fallen in love with portrait sessions that focus on showing a woman her own beautiful.  When she is able to relax and be cared for, a side of her emerges that is amazing to photograph. 

Why women want Unveil your Cinderella

Some women have saved for months to realize this dream and have their Unveil your Cinderella moment preserved forever in stunning portraits.  Others have been gifted this session by someone who loves them and want to celebrate them.  Still others acknowledge every picture of them seems to suggest they were busy caring for the needs of everyone else, so they desire legacy portraits that show them their beautiful.  They want portraits that their children will look back at and see their beautiful mother, on the inside and out.  Some will say their life is spent caring for others and they come at the bottom of the list, so it’s time to change that for just one day.

But my….

As a mom of three boys, Jennifer is very aware of the concerns women bring to their portrait sessions.    Her clients are amazed time and time again at her magic to minimize areas of concern and maximize strengths through posing and lighting.   Jennifer will consult with every client to help guide outfit selections that are most flattering.  No woman will ever see cellulite or stretch marks although every woman has them.   They are a part of who we are; however, they do not need to be front and center in our portraits. 

Jennifer's stylist, Jill Jackson,  creates custom hair and make up transformations that have her clients wishing Jill could meet them in their bathrooms every morning to work her magic!  Jennifer and Jill have been close friends for years and they work closely together to create amazing transformations for each client.  


Many clients wish to have boudoir portraits created in their session.  A boudoir portfolio is available for female clients to review privately upon request from Jennifer.   Jennifer photographs married women and engaged women for her boudoir shoots, celebrating the gift of physical intimacy God has blessed within the confines of marriage.  Her style is sultry without being overly sexual.  She has found women are proud to share these images with their very delighted husbands as a celebration of their femininity.  Women have told her they finally found themselves sexy, even though their husbands had been telling them for years. 

It is very important to Jennifer that her clients are able to relax and revel in their pampering time.   Jennifer never stacks her appointments, for any session.  This means each clients' time is solely devoted to her and no one is waiting in the wings for their turn in styling or in front of the lens.   Excellence from A to Z is a top priority!

Reaction of Clients:

"Jennifer,  Those photos have helped build my confidence and that's a big deal for me. I left your house after the viewing of those photos and I cried, and now looking over them again, you have left me speechless. All I can say is thank you for revealing to me an inner beauty that I didn't know existed."

"My husband said this was the best gift he's ever gotten in his life---and I got him an Ipad-2 at the same time!" 


"Finally, I find myself beautiful."

"He said best gift he's EVER received!!!  Your rock!!!!"


"Jennifer, you're fantastic!!!!!  Thank you for being so welcoming, so generous, so creative, and so Seinfeld-literate.  :)  I had such fun today...totally let my "problem areas" leave my mind and just enjoyed knowing that the results will be what Tim's looking for!  Thank you, thank you!!!  THANK YOU for such a fun morning...so laid back, so encouraging.  Thank you!!!!!"


"Never in a million years would I have done this with anyone but you!  You are so great at making people feel comfortable!  You and Jill working together makes a person feel like we've all been friends forever!  You sure make a girl feel special!"


"Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your talent and gift with me. My husband's first reaction was one I will never forget. For years he has told me I was beautiful no matter what my shape or size. These pictures help me to see what he has always seen. Every woman should invest the time and effort into a session to capture their unrecognized beauty. This was such a freeing moment for me in my life and has impacted in more ways than one. You were so skilled and professional throughout the entire session, making me comfortable. After leaving the shoot, I felt confident and beautiful. Thank you, again for helping me to see what he sees. I look forward to my next shoot!!"


"I am in LOVE with these portraits!!!  I can't thank you and Jill enough for such a fabulous day!  There is no way that I can wait until Valentine's Day to share these :-)  Thank you for the little surprise, love that!!!


"Oh my word!  Every woman should do this!  I mean it, wow!!  I thought I'd have a hard time finding enough pictures to fill the album I wanted---not even close!!  I had a hard time narrowing down!!!!   

"Jennifer, you never fail to find the beautiful in every person!"


"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for today.  Even without seeing the pics yet, it was an amazing experience.  You made me comfortable and made me feel like a star.  Can't wait to see them :) :)"

"You know I love you 'cause I keep coming back!  Your theme song should be "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman"!  You are great at what you do!"    


"Jennifer I just have to tell you how awesome this whole thing has been for me and my marriage!!  Holy cow I never imagined I could look like that!  Thank you for showing me that side of myself and for helping me feel sooo comfortable during the shoot.  I can't believe how much I was laughing!!   When I see your pictures I realize I have spent so much time focusing on my flaws I wasn't seeing all the beautiful things my husband's been telling me.   Of course you know Jay just flipped out---he never would have imagined I would do this in 1000 years!  Thanks again and I hope I get to see you again soon!"


"I'm loving clicking through my images...feeling bolder and bolder about this every minute!  Thank you for the experience, Jennifer.  It never crossed my mind to feel uncomfortable during any of this, you just make it so meaningful, yet not so dramatic and painfully serious!!!!  Thank you, thank you.  You sure are good at what you do!!! So glad to be connected to you, Jennifer.



"I can't ever tell you how much this boudoir experience has meant to me.  I still can't even believe I did it because the whole thing feels like a dream---that's me!!  Thanks for helping me feel so beautiful!  I'm not quite so envious when I walk by the magazine covers anymore---you totally made me feel like one of those girls!  Priceless!!"


"Jennifer---when I saw my pictures I could hardly believe it!  I just kept thinking, 'who is that girl!?'   On any given day you'll usually find me in a pony tail, glasses and yoga pants.  So to see myself looking like a knock out is just amazing!!!  I almost forgot what it felt like to be beautiful!!  Thank you for showing me that side of myself again!!!!!!! 



"Jennifer, this is kind of an awkward thing to say, but I've never been someone that anyone pointed to and said, 'she's pretty.'  That's a hard thing to carry around through life.  You showed me I could be pretty.  There are no words....thank you." 


"No one has ever photographed me as beautifully as you have!   You have given me self confidence I never had!   Even Tommy has noticed a difference in how I carry myself.  This has been so good for our marriage!!!" 

"I just keep thinking, 'why did I wait so long to do this!?'  I'm already planning my next session--I have so many ideas I want to do!!  I cannot wait!!"


"Jennifer you are truly talented if you can make this girl photogenic!  Thanks so much for an amazing day with my girls and portraits we will treasure."

O my goodness!!! I wish I could have recorded his reaction. Before completely viewing the first picture he started weeping. He was so touched that I would do something like that just for him. I gave it to him just before going to an appointment. He looked at the album for almost 2 hours until we realized we were missing the start of our client meeting!!! He didn't want to put it down. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!!!  He calls his book a work of art!!!


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