The Jennifer DiDio Photography Portrait Experience

Contact us:

When you choose to work with Jennifer DiDio Photography, contact us online, by phone or email. Click here to contact us.  Jennifer's studio is located at 515 Sullivan Rd., Westminster, MD

Registration form/Session fee:

After we get to know you and your wishes for your portraits, we send portrait registration form & styling survey via email and you return forms electronically with the session fee.

Schedule session date:

We contact you to schedule your session date within 1-2 business days. Most clients choose to have an in-person consultation prior to their session. 


Prior to your session date, we send reminders and helpful tips.  We are available for questions you may have.

Your unique session experience:

The fun part!

Sneak peak:           

Within 1-2 business days, you get a sneak peak of your session on Jennifer’s Facebook business page if you have given permission for on-line posting.  Jennifer has some clients who prefer to keep their portraits private, just be sure to let her know if you would prefer that.

View and Choose:

Your gallery will be completed in approximately 10 days. Then, you schedule an appointment for your View and Choose. You will come to Jennifer’s sales center to view your gallery and make your selections for purchase.  Many of Jennifer's clients are blogged; purchased client favorite portraits are highlighted in the blog.   A blog link is posted to the FB business page which directs you to her website that hosts the blog.   Jennifer will send you a link to your blog.  Feel free to share it if you like.

Product pick up: 

We contact you for a time to pick up your portrait art.