> what to wear

The million dollar question and the cause of so much anguish for moms! 

One of Jennifer's client's shared something very interesting: "Jennifer, I was so stressed about what we were going to wear, so I started looking through your blogs for ideas to see what I liked.  While I was looking I kept being drawn in by the expressions and the interaction between the people.  I kept forgetting to look at the clothes!" 

That being said, Jennifer would like to help clients ease their anxiety with these tips:




  • Think monochromatic with an accent pop.  Cream or black is timeless and beautiful. 
  • Lay out everyone's outfits next to one another to see if they compliment.
  • Avoid:  overly tight/baggy, horizontal stripes, clothes with big print/wrinkles/dog hair.
  • Jennifer will shoot for details so be aware of trimmed facial hair and chipped nail polish.
  • Considering a hair cut before your session?  Do so 1-2 weeks BEFORE your session, not the day before.
  • Please bring favorite items/hobbies to be incorporated into the session... stuffed animals, tutus, cowboy hats, super hero capes...
  • Your clothes should reflect your style and compliment without being overly matchy.  Kohl's & LL Bean catalogs will show this done really well.
  • Jennifer has found women's figures are more flattred in dresses, skirts, or pants OVER shorts or capri pants.
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