Your families always look so happy...but mine would never cooperate like that!

Sessions with Jennifer are fun and low pressure.  Clients repeatedly tell her, "no one has photographed me like this before--these are the first photos of myself I actually like."  Getting natural, unforced expressions is vitally important to Jennifer and something she is known for.  For this reason, she does not photograph young children in formally posed images when they are resistant.  It creates too much stress on the child and the parents.  This is especially true for toddler boys; they are best photographed engaging with their family in play, snuggling, reading, etc.


Yes, meltdowns happen.  It's rare to go through a session without one.  Kids collide with one another, they trip and fall, they hit...all par for the course.  Jennifer has three little boys so she is no stranger to the dreaded melt down.  She understands that child usually just needs a few minutes break to be on their own for a bit and is usually good to go in about 5 minutes.  In the grand scheme of the whole session, it's really no big deal!  

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