Me = Storyteller


Wherever I go in life, I see stories unfolding.  I see facets of people's lives that often go unrecorded and I desire to record those gems.   When I began my portrait business, a dear friend said "who knew God would take a writer and turn her into a photographer?"  I said, "it's all the same thing, I'm telling stories."




In my family, we strive to make gratitude a part of everything we do.   My boys and I are working on that everyday!  First and foremost, I am grateful for my relationship with the Lord and how He has redeemed my life.   My motto:  'with great blessing comes great responsibility to be a blessing.' (more about how I do this through my portrait business below)    


What fuels the creative process for my portraiture?


The unveiling process

I love to see a familiar thing and reveal something new.  My clients say they see facets of themselves they’ve never seen before in photographs.   Creative passion fuels this, which are the two words people who know me best would use to describe me.  There are 1001 things I want to tackle and learn about through this life.  I hope to be in my retirement home, still photographing and earning a new degree when I'm 80! 


I want what I create to beckon the viewer to come and take a closer look.  Come ask questions.  Come share in the story.  My favorite times in life are usually around the table with family and friends, long after the meal is done, sharing stories.  So, that's what I want my images to be-- a launch pad for my clients stories to be told. 


When I see client after client weep in joy over their images--- I am fueled.    A box of tissues is sitting on the table for every View and Choose session.  When clients tell me that no one has ever photographed them this beautifully---I am fueled!   The creative process, when linked with unveiling beauty, is a place where my artist heart has found a home.

I am relentless about presenting beauty through a new perspective to every client that comes through my doors. This has to be an un-rushed time, filled with laughter and gentle encouragement.  (why I do not offer any mini sessions.) 

 Our Partners

Lastly, my fuel comes from knowing that the Lord has placed a call on my life.  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”   Tall commission, I know!  But noted author, Jen Hatmaker, encouraged me to see how God could do this through my portrait business.  I am compelled to allow my business to become a light that brings good news to those in desperate need of hope.

50% of the profits from Jennifer DiDio Photography will answer prayers being lifted this very minute for very basic human rights like clean water and safety, globally and locally.   If you are my client—then you are a part of this relief! 

  • YOU are partnering to bring hope and relief around the world! 
  • YOU are bringing clean drinking water to mothers whose children would otherwise die for lack of it. 
  • YOU are helping to bring freedom to women & children who are trapped in human trafficking. 
  • YOU are a difference maker! 
  • YOU are making this one life count!  I’m happy to link arms with you while we do so.

Take a look at the organizations we support and partner.


Thank you again for visiting my site.   Please feel free to email with any questions you may have!  I'd welcome the opportunity to create art from your life!

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