Jennifer, All of the pictures are a piece of art! You were able to capture so well Adie's internal light and combined with the external lighting and your talented eye, you have created master pieces!!! We can't thank you enough for all that, your time, effort and professionalism!!!  Your positive energy, thoughtfulness, talent and passion are so unique and admirable! INCREDIBLE WORK!!!  Thank you for THIS INVALUABLE GIFT.  It will last us for the rest of our lives! :)) You are an Angel!!          ~Milena Koshar

Hi Jennifer- I wanted to write you a quick thank you note because we of course are in love with the portraits. The other night we watched both movies and I was in tears over how beautiful our babies portraits are.  Joe just saying over and over, "man she's good!"  Soo thank you so much for capturing our family.    ~Shannon Laney


Jennifer--The pics were a hit, which just makes your work, and me as the gift giver, look like rock stars!  Definitely got some points!!!  Yes, lets touch base after the new year regarding senior pics.                      ~Bob Jenkins


Jennifer,I just wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to experience yesterday.  I felt so special and so beautiful.  You made my day amazing.  I can’t wait for my sneak peak!            ~Glynda Ross


Oh My Gosh!!!!  I'm speechless!  Thank you all again for helping us out on a Sunday. Your staff and family. Thanks for sending me a sneak peek!  You're AWESOME!         ~Kirsten Prell

I'd like to thank you again for the fantastic job on Brooke's photos. We hung the artwork today, it looks amazing. Thank you so much!    ~Jo-Ann Riley


Thank you so much, Jennifer!!  You have the patience of Mother Theresa and the creativity of Monet!      ~Julie Kumpar

Oh and when I showed Gray the print, it took his breath away!!      ~Nickie Lanza


I am just so pleased with the portraits and love the beautiful colors. Thank you for the beautiful prints,  I was really impressed with the quality of work. I appreciate your kindness and the care you and Sara showed to us during our photo shoot. Such a great experience and so glad Greg and I have the beautiful pictures to share as a monument of our love and journey of life together.  Thank you for capturing that for us.       ~Ruth and Greg Miller

Jennifer - UR a wonderful woman (thinking as a woman would in this case), and an even better photographer (as only a female photographer would have such a feel for her work).  You did an absolutely wonderful job.  Thanks so much for all your extra hard work!  Your suggestion is GREAT – UR THE BOMB!      ~Nina Ram


 The word LOVE can't even come close to how I feel about this!! Jennifer thank you so much for being able to so beautifully capture all of the emotions of the day!! It truly was a great day, blessed with friends, fun, love and faith!! I so can't wait to do it all again next year!! Thank you for this <3      -Nickie Lanza

You have a first class operation here.  I've been impressed every step of the way and you exceeded my expectations every step.  We'll have you do more work for us and I look forward to that.       ~Kent Martin


I really loved the pictures and the entire experience! You did an amazing job - thank you so much!! Thanks again and I am so excited to show Greg the pictures!      ~Ruth Miller

Jennifer, You are amazing and I'm so grateful for you. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Totally exceeded my expectations in every area!         ~Alison O'Banion


I told the girls that we were planning on having you create portraits again and you would have thought we told them we were going to Disney World. Very excited! ~Christina Short

Hello, beautiful lady! I wanted to let you know that you will forever make an impact on our lives. Just in case you didn't know...LOL! We have been tasked with designing Jake's headstone which is not a fun task at all. We had designed the front of his headstone with a write up that I wrote and the Japanese symbol for perseverance. There was so much more we wanted to put on there and then found out we could write on the back of the stone as well.  In the end, we chose to use the silhouette picture you took of Jake with his bow staff above his head. It shows such strength, his love of martial arts, and shows no sign of cancer. Thank you for giving us an amazing gift. Your photo will grace his tombstone for eternity. Love you so much!!!! Thank you for being a part of our journey.  You are truly a blessing to us!    ~Leah Offutt


p.s. Major props to you that 2 years later, I still love the photos and want them hanging front and center.  The kids change so quickly that photos lose their magic quickly.  Not Yours!!!!  <3<3<3    ~Diana Armacost

I can't watch my movie without crying yet. Each one of these photos catches each persons personality so well. Jennifer DiDio, thank you for always creating such incredible photos for us. Your so talented and amazing to work with. Sara Butler, you two make the best team and always make everything so enjoyable. Thank you both SO much.    ~Samantha Pasley


Jennifer, Lisa's away this week, so she asked me to send this yearbook page you designed off to Lena’s school.  This is the first time that I saw the page…..as expected, its incredible and awesome!!  Thank you so much for putting this treasure and memory together.   ~Marc Aronin


Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to say thank you again for making pictures on Saturday so amazing! I know you get told all the time that you're so great at what you do, but it is so true. Your kind-hearted nurturing ability puts everyone at ease. And we both knew how my Mom felt going in.

It definitely was a sweet and memorable day spent with my two favorite girls. Thank you for making us feel so special and pampered. And not to mention, being so understanding while Ryleigh had her moment when she first got there. 

Please also tell Jill thank you for doing such a great job on all of us. We all felt like princesses! She also, has great talent and friendly personality that makes you feel at ease. I can't wait to see the sneak peak and the pictures!         ~Bridget Buchman

follow up:  Thank you again! It has been a pleasure working with you from the first moment! The pictures are more beautiful then I could have imagined. Thanks again!  


Dear Jennifer,

I can't even begin to thank you enough for capturing my little family! I can tell that taking pictures is so much more than a job for you!!! You have taken this blessed talent and run with it!!!  This is such a special time in Craig and my life, and we see it flying by! It will be such a blessing to have a tiny piece of it captured and to look back on for years to come!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I am sooooooo excited to see the pictures!!  Thank you again for using the talents God has given you for our family!!!  With a heart filled with gratitude!!

Kristie Wright


Jennifer, I just wanted to say thank you - again! - so much for your time and efforts.  We are in love with our pictures and so grateful for the surprise prints you sent!  I know I've said it before...hate to sound like a broken record lol..... but you have done such beautiful work for us.   Just a lovely and fun time. Thank you for turning the family I live and breathe for into such a work of art!  ~Rieman Jenkins


Jennifer, I can't tell you how much our session meant to me.   You truly made me feel relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful like a woman should.  I don't often feel that way so thanks for giving me the gift of that feeling!  XOXO        ~Eryka Wiedel


You made my Baby Girls senior year so special! Not only are you an amazing photographer that captured beautiful shots of Taylor, you are truly a wonderful person and friend! We can't thank u enough for being you! Having you at her party was awesome and your gift of personalized Thank You cards were the best! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!️          ~Jessica Fogle


Today was a dream come true for my daughter!!   Thank you, thank you Jennifer!          ~Kelli Davies

Love her! Love this blog! She captured a beauty in me that others have told me I have but I failed to see myself. She unveiled me in a way I never thought possible. She gave me a new outlook for myself. That *I* am beautiful inside and out. And that no one knows the secret, quiet moments we ASD moms have. Im in awe and tears by these photos. Jennifer did something I needed SO badly. Something to remind me that through all the darkness, I am my own light that can shine ♥        ~Heather LeGate


Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for coming to celebrate my graduation.  You made a HUGE, I mean Huge impact on my life!  My senior portraits were flipping AMAZING!!!  You made my senior year so incredibly memorable it's crazy!  I look forward to many more photo shoots in the future!  Thank you so much again!             Love, Taylor Buffington


You guys truly are the best!  We have been watching the movie and looking at the pictures.    When I told my husband I wanted to do this months ago,  he had no idea really what it was all about and said ok ...go get your pictures taken blah blah blah..like it was an everyday run of the mill thing.

After seeing the movie, he was in awe of every picture and said this has to be an annual thing. This is exactly what I wanted our Mother's Day tradition to be about. ..making memories and capturing a moment in time with my girls while coming away with a visual representation of how much I love them. Thank you again!               ~ Christina Short


That was so great!  All your staff was amazing, professionaland so talented!   And it was really fun! Wish I could sport lashes and extensions every day like this.  Thanks for all that time!  John will love it so much.  He has verbally wished for this so many times.  I am finally going to deliver!  Lol!  Can't wait to see pics!  I will spread the word too!             ~Jen Geiger

Jennifer, Just have to tell you about a conversation I had with myAshley today. She got her hair colored red and I told her that it was so beautiful she might need another photo shoot.  She responded by telling me that her portrait day was one of the best days of her life! She said Jill made her feel beautiful and that you made her so relaxed and happy and it was even better than her sweet sixteen party (which was makeup and photo shoot for her and friends followed by a surprise limo for the party goers to dinner in Towson).This girl has a ton of sweet memories to look back on so far and I just wanted you to know you've made the top of the list :)     ~Kathy Zynel


What you did for my daughter, Heather LeGate, can never be measured in monetary form. Your skills & zest for life has enabled Heather to Remember... "Heather, You are Lovely & Beautiful ~ inside & out! Do not forget this! These exquisite photos will remind you of this, Forever!        ~Dawn Phipps

Thank you Jennifer, your work is amazing and captured beautiful moments that I will treasure forever. Your blog spoke truly of my heart and my life. Thanks again for holding out for 2 mths til my party.          ~Kitty Owings


SNEAK PEEK!!!! The most incredible gift. Words can not describe this journey, this day of reveal.  Watching Jennifer DiDio create and photograph was like watching an artist as they paint a master piece...she truly is amazing. I sing her praise, and highly recommend her work! Experience of a lifetime!  The phenomenal artist/photographer Jennifer says it perfectly: "the unveiling of my Cinderella". Such a celebration! Jill was a miracle stylist and made me feel like my inner beauty matched my outer! FINALLY! And the blessed Sara who literally waited, fed, tied, snapped, fluffed, poofed all over me! I felt like a super model in a photo shoot.  I am in love with these ladies and how they have been such an integral part of this unveiling in my life.             ~Amanda Rampata

Watching Jennifer DiDio create and photograph was like watching an artist as they paint a master piece...she truly is amazing. I sing her praise, and highly recommend her work! Experience of a lifetime!" 

after View & Choose:  "Can't stop smiling, crying, and still in shock over the photos I just previewed tonight with Jennifer DiDio. She has captured my journey, my soul, my life- God is so good!     ~Amanda Leigh


Looking for a photographer?  No one except Jennifer DiDio! Jennifer DiDio Photography, hands down= the best! I'm amazed at her technique, her eye for locations, the way she strobes clouds...OMG I can't wait to do more with her. She is incredibly sweet too.    ~Kristy Toney

I had a ton of fun yesterday at the View & Choose!  You are an amazing photographer and have a beautiful spirit! Thanks for what you do!  So glad I did this!  Can't wait to see the blog photos!"  follow up:  "  Thank you all for the nice comments about my new profile picture. I must give a shout out to Jennifer DiDio Photography who took that when I braved to weather to look at my photo collection. She decided to take that as I was getting ready to walk out the door. She is such a gifted photographer to capture that moment and make it look like it was part of my photo shoot. If you've ever want to be spoiled like a princess or just have some casual family photos taken then Jennifer DiDio is your girl! I highly recommend the "Unveil your Cinderella" though!        ~Kathie Zimmerman


First of all, oh my!  I am so excited and cannot stop thinking about the amazing images you shared with me yesterday!  I can't wait to share them with my special people!!!  I am haunted by the photos where you shot from above when I was in the black.  Can you please make sure that's in my album?           ~Becki Maurio


As you know Jennifer my family means the world to me! Taylor and Cole are my everything and my reason for living! Jennifer you brought EVERY BIT of heart and soul out in your amazing pictures! I could never, ever thank you enough for making my every dream of making our house a home! We all love u!"     ~Jessica Fogle


I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see my makeover and for this whole Cinderella experience.  There aren't too many surprises left in life when you get to this age...so this is like a return of that magical Christmas feeling as a kid.....(later)  "Perfect lighting, beautiful clothing, perfect make up, gorgeous hair, amazing fufu drinks, snax, and anything you ask for. U can't help but look beautiful and feel beautiful!!!!!!!      ~Mona Rosenberger


I never get tired of looking at my photos you created for me. You captured my greatest treasure, my Zara girl! You rock!!       ~Sam DeMario


It was like a dream day come true! Except for my butt falling asleep during hair and make up! You are amazing Jennifer Hayes DiDio and I can not thank you enough for fitting me into your busy schedule!  You have a great team too and if you ever need to add a personal trainer/massage therapist to your crew I'm your girl!        ~Chris Fuste


Jennifer,  once again, you have reached into our lives through the ordinary and sometimes chaotic moments, and pulled out both the extraordinary and lovely. You have captured our girls beautifully and we are so grateful. Your talent, vision, faith, determination, wisdom, excellence, kindness, and patience are unmatched. Thank you, thank you, thank you!         ~Julie Kumpar


Matt, Ellie, Gracie, and I just finished a photography session with Jennifer DiDio Photography. Let me tell you- what an amazing experience once again. Her kindness, vision, determination, and experience are unmatched. You leave knowing your pieces will be amazing, but also somehow inspired to keep on keeping on, and encouraged by the wisdom of one of God's beautiful daughters. Thank you, Jennifer. Seeing Gracie and Ellie today as we did just brought tears to my eyes. God is good! Thank you for capturing these gifts and this time. ♡♡♡♡ Thank you, also, to Sara Butler, Jennifer's wonderful assistant!  :-) ♡♡♡     ~Julie Kumpar


You are truly an amazing photographer and storyteller, kindhearted at that---making you such a gem to work with!  Thanks again!!!  I read the blog again and just cried!  CJ loves it too!!       ~Tanya Miller


That was so thoughtful of you to check in on Madison. We had an appt yesterday and she is doing so much better today!!! Thank you for thinking of us!!  It was so nice working with you, Joe and I were so pleased with our session and can't wait to see the rest, as picture one was amazing!!" later:   "Our gallery was beauuuuuutiful!!! We were absolutely in love with it! Thank you so much for everything!     ~Shannon Laney


I haven't been able to post anything on FB with Taylor's pics because every time I start, I begin to cry. Taylor continues to tell me over and over how "magical" that day was! That's a word she has never used and is so powerful for her! I'm still trying to get my thoughts together before I post on your page.  

follow up:  This was our first experience with a professional photographer and Jennifer Jennifer DiDio is truly amazing!! As long as she will have us we will forever use Jennifer DiDio Photography! So thankful things worked out and you were able to make Taylor such a princess that day! We love ya Jennifer!!                    ~Jessica Fogle


I seriously cried all over again….sigh, beautiful, beautiful!  Don’t ever stop doing this!  This is one of your amazing gifts that keeps giving back!  I want to schedule my mother daughter portrait for Renee and pair it with her senior pictures! (Renee is 8)       ~Hillary Moore


Alex and I had an awesome time at our view and choose session. You make your clients feel so special. From the greeting on the blackboard, to the refreshments, and even client specific candy and beverage favorites! I just want you to know, we noticed the details and felt like we were being pampered! You are a class act and get our A+++ recommendations.  I love, love, loved the video of the portraits. You did an awesome job. The pictures exceeded my expectations, which I wouldn't have thought possible, because I knew they were going to be gorgeous! I know I said it before, but I can't wait to come back next year with my other daughter for her senior session.  I can't wait to come pick up my personal wall art so I can display it and show it off!   Childhood goes by so fast. Everyone says it. Somehow, when they are younger it doesn't feel like it, but once they hit middle school it seems like you blink and they are in their senior year. It fills me with a mixed bag of emotions. Some sadness to realize they will be leaving soon to embark on their own life's journey, pride to see how they are growing and maturing, fear for the thought of how I am aging as quickly as they are growing up, and some excitement for the anticipation to see where life takes them. To have a beautiful portfolio like you have produced for us is such a treasure for me. I can sit and look at pictures for hours and reminisce in my own head all the happy times we have experienced thus far. I feel like 'thank you' just aren't strong enough words to express my gratitude to you. "               ~Gayle Howell


Jennifer is an amazing photographer and wonderful to work with. From the time of consult to the end result, Jennifer catered to my wedding vision and created such a unique experience that captured one of the most special times in my life. Her attention to detail and the quality of work was extremely impressive and worth every penny! I can't wait for the next big event to hire her again!           ~Jill Irven


What a wonderful experience! Jennifer's warmth and patience were much need and appreciated with our rowdy group !!  She is a fabulous photographer and I highly recommend her.....All around terrific experience and cannot wait to see all of our pictures!!!  Thanks Jennifer!  She totally deserves 100 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️           ~Barbara Caple


Absolutely the best in every aspect.         ~Amanda Thomas


Jennifer, I've been waiting for Jackie's senior portraits with you for 3 years.  After I saw what you created for Lyndsey I knew I wanted you.  I've been to about 10 graduation parties a year since then and no one's senior portraits have compared to what you created for Lindsey.  But, I wanted Jackie to be the one to pick you so I didn't say anything.  When she said, "Mom can I have Jennifer DiDio do my senior portraits?" you can't imagine how happy I was!     ~Ellen Zaybekian


Waiting to see your beautiful portraits, is like when your favorite sitcom goes on break for the summer.....just can't wait to see what comes up next. Sometimes the wait seems endles, then that season premiere pops up on the t.v. and you are all giddy inside. Yes Dear, you are that good!    ~Amy Steers


Jennifer, this was such an amazing experience!! Izzy and I are so excited to see what you created :) Thank you so much for everything!!!!        ~Michelle Barnes


Jennifer - I want to say THANK YOU for making me look like a Fairy Tale for my 50 and Fabulous Shoot!! I love my photos and so does my family!!! You have an amazing way to capture such great shots! I never would have thought some of those awkward positions would look so great...and Jill gave me such an amazing look!! I didn't feel 50!! Thanks again!!!               ~Tracey French


Thank you Jennifer DiDio for making Faith's session a day we will never forget!"           ~Teresa Hebron-Parker


I wanted to thank you for the whole process; from first contacting you and the anticipation building to all the time you took taking the photos and how comfortable you made me feel!  Then you let me come in late at night to view them. I couldn't have picked a better time to do this as I have my 40th this Friday. A big part of doing this was for Bill, but I am going into my 40's feeling "Rockin'" or pretty good about myself, and not dreading it like I always thought I might...Just wanted to say thanks again. So thankful to have met you; and to know you as a friend and a photographer!                 ~Hope Carpenter


Wow simply amazing. Jennifer you are truly a gifted artist!!! This blog and the photos took my breath away.  What an amazing experience! Capturing this lasting memory with our family was fun for all. So many beautiful portraits to choose from. Good luck choosing the one!  Thank you.        ~Karen Von Sas


Where is the LOVE button for FB because like just doesn't cover what I feel when I see this photo of Austin Butt holding the flag that covered my grandfathers coffin after WWII. Also, what a beautiful tribute to his grandfather Harry M. Von Sas!          ~Tom Butt


Jennifer these Couture portraits have become a celebration of my marriage! We plan to do a couple celebration next. You and Jill made my day a lifelong memory that continues to bless me.  I'm dumbfounded by the blog. It made my husband emotional. God has truly given you a gift. I'll recommend you to everyone.  Thank seems inadequate.          ~Judi Wroe


Dearest Jennifer,  First and foremost I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing photo session with Alena.  I thank the Lord that he crossed our paths at just the right time.  I want you to also know how blown away I was by those pictures.   You have an amazing gift.  Thank you for blessing the rest of us by using it!  We were so touched by all the supportive information you put on there.  Thank you again Jennifer!  May God bless you greatly!!!                ~Kristen Miller

Jennifer has the patience of Job, I can barely get Sarah to come when I call her and she gets her to do the cutest poses with her new brother, no problem. But I guess that is why she is the professional.      ~Amanda Thomas


You exceeded our expectations and we love what you've created for us!  We will definitely be having you back to do portraits again in the spring!               ~Dave Funk


Picking my favorites was the hardest thing I've ever had to do because I love them all!!  Great pictures to look back on and remember when the amazing Jennifer DiDio made my senior picture dreams come true!!                           ~Samantha DeMario


You are magic!  You inspire me!  Thank you for loving on our girl!              ~Dawn DeMario


I just had to tell you I look at the album at least 3x a day and my wall portraits all the time…we’ll be taking those to FL with us.   We just love all the photos you created for us and everyone who sees them loves your work!  You really need to send me some cards so I can give them out for you!  Take care and keep up the great work!                                    ~Carolyn Sharkey


Having portraits done by Jennifer is an amazing experience. Not only are the portraits beautiful pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime, but the experience of creating them is outstanding. Jennifer never makes you feel rushed. She makes you feel like you are the center of her world right then. ALL focus is on you and making your and her vision come true. However, I will say, her vision is well beyond what most people ever can imagine. So, if she says "stand here" "do this", DO IT, it will be amazing even if you can't picture it in your own mind or even if you think it may make you look funny. I promise you, she can see things that most of us can't She knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and cherished. I believe that every woman should experience the couture packages that she offers ("Unveil your Cinderella"). It is worth saving the money and investing the time to get these done. You will never regret it. Jennifer has a gift that very few people have. I am happy that she has shared her gift with me.              ~Amanda Costley


I so had to refrain myself from a very over-enthusiastic hug (i.e tackle). It was indescribable to see how you captured, through your lens, the remarkable girl I've watched grow up for 18 years. If we are lucky enough, you will capture many more milestones for my beautiful Ashley throughout her life. Thank you will never be enough xoxoxo.           ~Kathy Zynel


Thank you, thank you for capturing these special moments of my princess!  I am so grateful for them!  Erik Barnes


You are the first photographer I've used more than once!  I can't even get over how much I love your work and my kids love you!    ~Julie Collins, spoken while booking her third job.


I can't believe I'm the girl in these pics...it is all so surreal!  Jen all I can think is the words I have heard you quote from the bible that God creates beauty from ashes...indeed in this girls life he most certainly did...all I have to do is close my eyes and take myself back three years ago and remember that immense pain so that when I open my eyes I can just praise God every single day he has brought me to where I am.  Thank you Jennifer for sharing my story and creating these breathtaking images.                   ~Shannon Franklin


When I first viewed my photos with Jennifer I did double takes at the screen because my first thought was, who is that?!?! And it was ME!! Jennifer's work is beyond comparison and pure talent.        ~Monie Rosenberger


The pictures brought me to tears.  Amazing is an understatement.  Oh my goodness. Tears, tears and more tears! We couldnt have said it better ourselves Jennifer! Thank you so much!       ~Teresa Shultz


Jennifer does wonders with the camera and working with her is a blast. She has an amazing GOD given talent that every woman needs to experience. She sees you and the beauty in you that you cannot see in yourself. AMAZING!!!                 ~Stacey Cabral 


Even though it was a family portrait session, I have never felt more beautiful or comfortable as when I was having my pictures taken by Jennifer.   Every time I look at any of my pictures I smile with the fond memories of that special night.              ~Heather Barnes


 We had a family photo shoot to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and had a great time!  Jennifer was amazing and made it a very special night!  Thank you Jennifer for bringing the pictures in my head to life!                              ~Ivy Gifford


Jennifer made me feel so comfortable.. shes so disarming and talented! I cried reading what she wrote in her blog...that was a totally unexpected honor! Thank you for your kind words.             ~Melanie White


We've watched and shared the video another dozen times at least!  Ryan seems to really like them (though he'd never admit it).  I think it's good for him to see himself looking so confident and handsome.  He's got a little spring in his step :)  So sweet.  Thanks again.     ~Andrea Bonanno

You did it again. You made me cry...the photos you created for my brother's family are beyond beautiful, beyond perfect, and I just can't find the words to say enough about you and what you do to capture memories the way you do! I KNOW I'm going on and on but I have no choice! You are amazing Jennifer!                      ~Lesley Vogel


 Thanks so much for everything.  Love the blog!  Thank you for capturing this time in Meghan's life!  I was so happy we were able to celebrate this milestone with you. I feel like you are becoming a part of our family because you are sharing so many memories with us.  :)          ~Laurie Borkowicz


Jennifer, your portraits have helped build my confidence and that's a big deal for me. I left your house after the viewing and I cried, and now looking over them again, you have left me speechless. All I can say is thank you for revealing to me an inner beauty that I didn't know existed.        ~Hayley Shaw


Jennifer,  Thank you so much for the capturing such a special time in our lives, so beautifully.  You perfectly documented every ounce of our sassy, spunky, fun-loving, sweet little girl and we will forever treasure these photos.  I know when my memory starts to fail me, I can just pull out these pictures and they will take me right back to that day - for that, I am so, so grateful.  Again, thank you!           ~Casey Greenstreet (Delaney's mom)


Jennifer I can’t wait to get these!  The blog has me crying tears of joy.  I can’t believe each time I look at the photos how much I fall more in love with them.              ~Heather Barnes


So happy others are able to appreciate your art as we do. You are touching others with your gift. Can't wait to see what else you have in store!       ~Laurie Borkowicz


Jennifer you truly have created such a memorable experience for us. It makes me heart so full to read the beautiful words in your blog. It's obvious to me, that what makes you so exceptional in your creations goes far beyond your skills with equipment and masterful technique.  Beyond your eye for art and beauty, you have the gift of seeing inside the very hearts and souls of those in your presence and being able to show that in portraiture.  We feel so lucky to have found you and blessed to have our daughter's inner beauty and well as physical beauty, forever captured in your art.  I'm sending you a virtual tackle this very second.  Thank you so very much!  Xoxoxo        ~Kathy Zynel (Ashely Whitehead's mom)


 I just love being able to appreciate the beauty you capture. Always, your photos make me stop and just appreciate. TY for using the gift God gave you.     ~Theresa Frasher

Jennifer, I just had an appt at the OB/GYN office in Eldersburg where some of your work is displayed.  I'm speechless and can't stop my eyes from overflowing with tears.  On my way out of the office, I made a comment to the medical secretary about how beautiful your art is and how much it touched me. She showed me your album; I sat and looked through the album... The whole time also looking for a tissue!   It's difficult for me to put into words the emotion I'm feeling.  It's almost like.... Taking time out of this crazy busy life to stop and smell the roses. When something so profound stops you in your tracks and reminds you of all the beauty in this world.  Thank you for taking the time to read my email. You have such an amazing gift, I just couldn't go about the rest of my day before I shared with you.  Many blessings,  Dianne : )


 I'm just thrilled that so many people are exposed to your work! It's priceless ... and powerful, obviously. Great work! And please keep sharing with your FB friends too. Even though I don't know any of the people in your work, I treasure looking through the images and seeing how you've made and captured moments. Thanks for that!       ~Suzie Zimmerman

You not only have a gift, you have given all of us you have photographed a moment in time we can hold on to forever. Your images show beauty beyond what the human eye can see in those moments! You are amazing!            ~Andrea Warnick


Hi!! I just sent you a text and Brian just loved the pics. He was totally blown away by the pictures!!!!! Thank you so much for everything. We will definitely be back together for pics together as a couple;)  ~Laura Pollard

I can't thank you enough for the beautiful images you took of Max.  We will treasure them as long as we live.  You have been so kind to our family.  It amazes me sometimes (well always;) how much you are able to give to others and still take care of your family, business and self.   We are blessed to know you.  Thank you so much for everything!           ~Julie & Brad Washick


I am sitting her speechless, with tears streaming down my face. This blog is amazing Jennifer!! I still can't believe that this is MY daughter!! LOL! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!         ~Heather Beakes (snow dancer Madison's mom)


Our gallery of 6 arrived today! We just unpacked them and John is working on hanging them tonight! Jennifer, I know I keep saying this, but we are SO in LOVE with these pictures! You are truly a talented artist and I'm so thankful for you!  I typically don't enjoy pictures of myself, but you did great and I love the "me" ones too!                  ~Amanda Robinson (twins mom)


Dear Jennifer,
I am writing this to tell you how much I love my album and prints. I have never seen such beautiful images of myself and my girls. It was such an amazing, memorable experience that we will never forget and I am so blessed to have been able to do this with my daughters. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and your friendship with me. I was so touched by the couture image you gave me. It will have a special place in my home.  Love,  Laurie Borkowicz (mother daughter Couture)


Just want to let you know that I've watched our DVD over and over! I LOVE it! Brings tears to my eyes every time!   Your time in helping us create the most perfect displays for our home is so appreciated! Thank you so very much for everything!  I just can't get enough of all these pictures!  Love, love, love every single shot you captured!       ~Amanda Robinson


We are clients for life.  I’m serious, you have been incredible!
~Erik Barnes


Aww you are so sweet and I am most grateful for your less swamped day moment of accepting our session into your crowded booking calendar!!  I truly meant it when I said there are no words for the emotions those images evoke in my heart!! This was the best gift and one we will treasure for a lifetime!! Btw the 2 special pics of the girls are OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing!
~Tamara Geiwitz, LNHA


You are amazing!!  The collages were beautiful and thank you for the surprise....I loved it!! You truly have a gift and we are so glad to have had you photograph our baby girl. It was a pleasure to have met you. Since we live so close, we should get together sometime and chat.  I can't thank you enough!
~Tara Hetrick


Thanks for stopping out!   I was telling Marshal about all of the beautiful pictures and I started crying.  They are all amazing!!!
~Shannon Yanda


Hi Jennifer,  Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a wonderful session. Your creativity is wonderful and you have a natural way of handling people which makes them feel special.  Plus you give out baby advice too :D Thank you so much for all the work that went into the pictures and the slideshows.  We have shown the slideshows to several family members and they are thrilled.  Thank you also for uploading to mpix.                                                          ~Regards, Nicolette Kaszak


Jennifer, Just wanted to tell you how beautiful all the pictures were and thanks so much for all your time! thanks for such an amazing opportunity, we had so much fun doing these pictures with you, you are great!  Couldn't of asked for a better experience.  Seriously, everything was amazing. Don't think I could thank you enough :)
~Carly & Curvin


I tell people they are foolish to go anywhere else.  You are the best.
~Gina Barnes


Jennifer, You would have been amused to hear the conversation tonight between Blake and Shelby.  Shelby wants to make sure she gets the four canvases over the couch when she is older.  (I think she means when Mike and I die!!!)  She thinks Blake should get the one over the fireplace, the picture of him toeing the ball and the two metal pictures in his room.  So they each get 4 pictures!   Blake did not agree to that!   He wants some of them together.   I absolutely love all the pictures and the way you have captured my children together.    So many of the people who came to the golf party talked to me about the canvases and how much they liked them.  The neighborhood kids are asking their parents why they don't have the same pictures of them!  I can't wait for my parents and Mike's parents to see them.  You have a true talent for capturing the essence of people.  What a wonderful gift.  I am so glad Shelby played on a soccer team with your three boys last year or I would never have known to have action photos for Blake's senior year.
~Liz Brown


Jennifer---thank you again for all of your work and your tremendous talent.  We couldn’t be happier with our captured moments and can’t wait to display our love in our home!  Thanks for making me feel so special, Jennifer!                                     ~Sincerely Jason & Annette Collins


Jennifer, I am in love with the pics!! The silhouette is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you...you are awesome!  You are amazing!!!! When I went through my order I was beyond pleasantly surprised! You are so generous!!! Thank you, thank you!!
~Jen Howard 


Thanks for everything. We enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. My mom and I were very impressed with your talent and professionalism. Having pictures like this are a true investment and I am very happy that we found you to help commemorate this event for our family.  Thanks again for everything!!!!
~Beth Walters


Jennifer—thank you for EVERYTHING!  You CAPTURED our family like I never imagined possible!   You are AMAZING!  We love you, my friend! ~Vanessa & Family


I love the pic of the kids with Woody! It's beautiful...almost fake looking b/c it is so perfect. You are amazing!  everybody asks about the pictures when they see them on my wall!
~Kristy Toney


Dearest Jennifer, I am a little later than I like in getting back regarding the photos of Andrew, Joshua, Susan and Chris.  Thank you so very much.  They are absolutely beautiful and sensitively done.  The album is more than I could have ever asked.
~Warmly, Phyllis


We are so, so happy with our photos.   Every time I turn on my computer, I have a CAPTURED smile looking back at me-- your talent is such a blessing to us!  Thank you so much!
~Gina & Team Abel


I cry tears of joy every time I look at my photos!!  Again, thank you SO MUCH for the AMAZING photos.  You C A P T U R E D Scott and I perfectly, and when I look back on these pictures, I will remember this time so fondly.
~Shari Barnes


What an AWESOME embarrassment of riches you have captured for us!  Thank you for spending so much time with us.
~Annette Collins


Jennifer, Thank you very much for our session today.  We had a lot of fun!  I really appreciate the time you took to take the various shots we had requested and to put the children at ease.  It is obvious that you really enjoy what you do.  We look forward to seeing the images!  Thank you again!  : )
~Gina Abel  


Awwww Jen, these are so amazing, I love them.   I can't wait to show Jason the blog tonight, he is going to love it.  Jason's Mom is already dying to get the pictures, she is going to be thrilled.
~Amanda Sackett


Oh Jennifer!  The kids and I just watched the DVD!  AWESOME!  Eliana sat on my lap as she and I watched it on the computer.  As it ended she said, "I wanna watch that AGAIN!"  Then I realized I could play it on our 52" TV...even MORE AWESOME!  Lincoln smiled and giggled as he sat on my lap during the second viewing.  I also saw the surprise on the CD, SO COOL!!!  I can't wait to print and hang them.  Thanks so much for C A P T U R I N G the beauty I am surrounded by everyday, but don't always see!
~Love, Annette


Jennifer, we are so overwhelmed-- the images are stunning.  I can't wait to look at them again tomorrow!  OMG!!!!! They are exquisite!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
~Vanessa Stewart


I just want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience we had during our photo shoot on Wednesday.  You were so wonderful with Jaxon and I felt like the photo shoot was a stress free experience (one that I was not anticipating given past experiences with Jaxon when he was a baby!)   Thank you again for a great time, it truly was so much fun!
~Ashleigh Vanderhoof


Happy Friday! My prints are  beautiful!  I want to thank you so much for making the big brother cards for Jaxon to give out to his friends at school – he loved them and was so proud to give them out today to his friends.  I think it made him feel special to have his own card to give out to show off his big brother.  Thank you for the sending them and for the extra prints, that was very sweet of you and I really love them!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great December and thanks again!                                                               ~Ashleigh Vanderhoof


JENNIFER!!  Adam just showed me the sneak peeks and I cried!!!!  They are gorgeous!!  The one of Carson IS Carson.  That's exactly  the image we think of when we think of him.  You could not have a better name for your business,  as you truly capture who and what you shoot.  Thank you SO much!"         ~Nicole Hunsicker


Dear Jennifer, Your patience & ability to find beauty (even in a tantrum, hollering toddler)) is amazing. Everyone loved your blog and ability to "capture" our family story so beautifully. I know that Andy & Thomas are in Heaven smiling at the beauty created in your photos. Maybe someone has been touched by our story that you so beautifully wrote, not only in words, but in images. God has a unique way of knowing when something should happen and who we meet. I believe He was there guiding me along to find you to tell "our" story not only for us, but for others too. Just like you do in all your blogs. Take care of that beautiful family and keep snapping away!                          ~Tammy, Monty, Jo, Rachel, Bethany, Phillip, Andy and Thomas Yost


Oh my gosh Jennifer, I just have to tell you how much I love my pictures!  You just really have no idea and I’m not even sure how to explain this to you!  This has been a dream come true for me because I’ve wanted to do this for soo long!  I am so grateful that we were able to finally make it happen!  You captured all my boys as they really are and our whole family in ways I have never seen in pictures! What you created from our time together is beyond anything I could have imagined!!  Thank you for letting my boys be boys so you could capture such priceless moments.  You took the stress right out of family pictures by being so attentive to when the boys needed a break.  The photos I ordered for the boys rooms - I can’t put them in their rooms because I need to see them everyday!   When we created my order I told Sam—‘this is all I want for Christmas!’  I usually get a handbag for Christmas and I’m giving that up so I will always have these treasures - sooo worth it!  Thank you again & I am giving you a shout out to everyone I know who wants to create art from time with their family!
~Nikki Koch


You did an amazing job! Do you think a 50 photo collage is too much for a dining room wall!? ;-) just kidding! Thank you SO much!!
~Stacy Ogle


So I can't stop looking at the photos. The slide show brings tears to my eyes every time I see it and Forever and Amen is officially my new favorite song. I cannot thank you enough for bringing my families joy to life with your art!"     Later:  For the style of our home I love the frames.  Just got the design up and love it!  Thanks again for making me smile everyday!!
~Cheryl Babcock


Oh my gosh, I love the blog! I knew I would :-) and of course it made me cry! Happy tears! I am sure I have looked at them over a hundred times already. They make me laugh and bring tears to my eyes.  I love them, I don't know how in the world I will be able to chose.  You made my day...TWICE!  Thank you madam!!  I so appreciate everything you have done, your pictures, your artisticness (not sure that is a word), your customer service, EVERYTHING!  I love, love, love them!! :-)
~Gina Barnes


Jennifer, thank you so very much for the very special pictures. You truly do awesome work. Seeing my babies faces on there today made me smile!
~Jodi Vogel


OMG... Jennifer I just saw the 2 pics you posted!! They are INCREDIBLE!! I am so excited!! Even abi likes them!! Just Beautiful...I said 'Abi, I can't believe that's my family' LOL...I really can't...just beautiful!
~Lucinda Putterbaugh


Jennifer you were the perfect person to photograph me.  I am in no way a model and I do not love being in front of the camera, but you have an ease and comfort about you that is amazing.  We talked and laughed asand you encouraged me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  You are so sweet and genuine.   It's clear you care about people and their stories.   I believe this is why you are so incredible at what you do.  When Brody arrived, those first few weeks we were sleep deprived and in survival mode.  You were kind and encouraging, always reminding us of how precious this time is. I thank God every time I look at the images of our time.  You incorporated so much of us into the session that we are forever grateful. Time truly passes too quickly. I am unbelievably thankful for these precious images and will cherish them forever. Thank you so much!
~Nicole Hunsicker


What can i say?  I am speechless!  You have captured our family like no other could.  I guess having a photographer that really knows a family is the key to awesome pictures.  I have gone through life hating every single picture of me...until now.  You have been blessed with an incredible talent and I will be forever grateful to you for the beautiful moments you have provided of our family.  I can not wait to see the photos up close and personal.  I was kind of curious what you'd say about us in your blog.  I've always thought we're kind of boring.  Your words are just as heart-felt as your pictures.  Thanks so much for a wonderful experience we'll cherish forever.
~Amy Montour


I was so enamored with my maternity photos, I had Jennifer design a newborn shoot with my husband and I. I will forever treasure the moments she composed of the three of us... no matter how old my daughter gets, those photos will always take me back to the emotions of that sweet, brief time of a being new mom. Jennifer was a sheer pleasure to work with...
~Adrienne Korman


I showed a few friends at work and we couldn't stop looking at all your photos !!  Most important to me is that you got pictures of my mom smiling!!!  She hates having her picture taken so all the photos I have always seem to be the back of her head--- but you got her smiling!!!                    ~Sheila DePaulo 

You did a great job taking pictures of Pete and Rose's 50th anniversary.  It means a lot to our family to have such great pictures of such an important milestone in our lives.  Thanks for all your hard work.              ~Mike & Sue Connelly


Jennifer did an amazing job during our photo shoot together. She was very professional yet laid back at the same time. I felt very comfortable with her and was amazed at her skills and talents with the camera. I enjoyed working in her natural light setting and studio. She had many great ideas for shooting my baby bump. The camera angles that she worked with turned out amazing. She did things that I never would have thought of. She is a true artist behind the camera.              ~Amy Smith


Jennifer has a heart for photography. She also has the passion to capture your family doing whatever it does best! This is not your typical sitting session with a teenager who would rather be somewhere else. Jennifer goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone is at ease and relaxed. The shots she gets are nothing other than exceptional. After editing, the pictures are even better. She has a wonderful God-given gift and I’m so glad she has chosen to share it! Thank you Jennifer for memories that will last for generations!        ~Jen Harrison


Jennifer spent a couple of hours one afternoon with my family and in that short time managed to truly capture each one of us individually and in relationship with one another. She caught moments of love and laughter that we've never before had captured on film. She was completely professional and had scouted several locations in advance. She also took time to talk with me before the session to find out what I was hoping to get out of our shoot. She worked well with my kids and husband, effortlessly directing us how to sit or stand. The entire session was easy, lighthearted, and full of laughter. Jennifer had ideas for certain shots, but was also open to our spur of the moment goofiness. When I got the slideshow of photographs from our session I was truly speechless. I was hoping for one or two "good" shots, but instead ended up with almost 100! I feel like she has given us a gift that will last a lifetime. Usually I am the photographer in our family and therefore am rarely in the pictures. I wanted my kids to have a lasting image of all of us. Jennifer gave that to us. I have peace of mind knowing that my family has great photos to look back on and remember this time in our lives forever. This investment is one that we will not regret.                     ~Kathi Roach


Although viewing family pictures is such a wonderful experience, sometimes the process of having pictures taken (especially with little ones) can be a challenge.  It was very refreshing to have our family pictures taken with Jennifer because as a mother of 3 she understands kids and she does an amazing job keeping them engaged.  In addition, she displayed flexibility and creativeness with her ideas as she took hundreds of pictures that ranged from serious to downright goofy while consistently changing locations to fit the shot.  She demonstrated a balance of patience and enthusiasm that resulted in a very positive experience for our family and ultimately some amazing pictures.  It is wonderful to see how God has taken so many of Jennifer’s talents and experiences and combined them together into the formation of a wonderful photographer.           ~The Jackson Family


Your prose on our family compose a fantastical view that sometimes doesn't match our own self-image.   But how encouraging it is to see the affirmative portrayal of our house from a third eye.  Not only does your chronicle gift us with an uplifting and flattering depiction, the images gasp a response - staggering!  The talent behind the lens has mastered the reflective monocle: a device capable of revealing magic in the right hands.  We were blessed to be the subject to your inspired and unique vision.  Gazing at these pictures procured a break in time: for just a moment we absorbed all the intangibles, those invisible in full-motion life.  Sentiment will not be merciful; reliving frozen reality in a duration will be bittersweet.  And imagine how gifted a generation will be yielding this heirloom.
~Charles Montour

We’re so very proud to have had the privilege of having our newborn photo shoot done by the beautiful artist Jennifer DiDio. Nothing says it better than C A P T U R E D, for that is what happened. You may think that she is capturing the memories of a particular moment in time, but in reality she is capturing the emotions, the purity, the joy, and above all else, the love. Believe me on this because I have the photos to prove it! Jennifer has an amazing, God given gift of seeing life with eyes from another perspective. I'm eager to work with her again just to watch the creative magic unfold. From the time we walked in the door, the hospitality was warm and inviting, the homemade props and costumes were unbelievable, the lighting perfect, and such a blessed personality that makes you feel like you've been friends forever. We love you Jennifer!
~The Korman Family


Jennifer was amazing to work with.  She had so many great ideas and the pictures turned out better than I could have imagined.  The best part was that she was more concerned about the comfort of my baby and I than being rushed for time.  The whole experience was a lot of fun and i can not wait to work with her again.               ~Ginger Santoni


It's Jenn - Suzie's sister in Kansas City.  I just had to email you and tell you how absolutely amazing the pics are that you posted on your blog.  I've been 'refreshing' the page for two days in anticipation of getting a sneak peek ever since Suzie told me about the shoot!!  I cried reading what you wrote and seeing the beautiful images.  They are the most amazing people I know and have been through so much.  It just makes my heart so full and happy to see what you captured.  They had the best time - and that alone makes me smile.  I don't even know what else to say - just that they are the most awesome pictures I've ever seen and thank you for being such a good friend to my sister. Take care!             ~Jenn


Jennifer,  Jason downloaded them yesterday.  Words like stunning and stellar are being thrown around the office.  You did a great job!  Thanks so much.  Is this a niche you are interested in developing?  We get requests from clients about their web site design and would be happy to refer them to you for photography.               ~Greg


 Jennifer you are the one who was so awesome to work with!!!! We had such fun, and I think I am more excited now to see the pictures than I was waiting for our session!! This will be a long two weeks!!! You rock girlfriend! Oh, and Happy Mothers day!   ....OMG, had tears the whole time while looking and reading what you had put on your blog. Loved it!
~Joyce Farkas


Just went to see my maternity photos.  I haven't felt so beautiful since my wedding day.                   ~Tanya Glass


Jennifer you do stunning work and I am beyond thrilled with the result. My favorite gift I've ever given! Thank you encore and encore!                    ~Sarah Kartalia


It’s really hard for me to put into words how much I love the photos and how grateful I am for sarah’s gift and your talent. They are so incredibly beautiful! I love them and they are an instant family treasure – and we don’t have too many tangible treasures – you know what I mean? Thank you, thank you, thank you.                       ~Anna Ferguson


For the first time today I had two seconds to open our order and look at our fabulous pics.  We are so grateful for these memories that you have forever captured.  You have such a gift and I feel so blessed to say, "I knew you when....."  They are incredible.  I love the little bonus LAUGH plate you did for us.  Can't wait to get our stuff hung up!  Absolutely love it.
~Lynn Wimmer


Wow, all pics look awesome, we are so thankful for your great photography.  Have I told you lately how wonderful you are at customer service?  Well, if I haven’t I am telling you now !!  I hope I can swing a few photo sessions your way in the future Miss Jennifer!
~Deb Yoder

Jennifer, You did such an amazing job. the pictures are so beautiful.  Your talent to see normal things and capture them in such a unique light is priceless!
~Ginger Santoni 


They are amazing!   I cannot wait to see the rest. I absolutely LOVE the car photos.  What an eye you had on that one. Thank you for C A P T U R I N G our family in such a beautiful natural way!
~Cheryl Babcock

you. are. awesome! cant say it enough.
~Amy Smith


OMG OMG OMG AWESOME!!!!!  I cannot wait to show people.
~Amy Pitrone